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Sale Carpet and Upholstory Cleaning

We are specialist professional carpet and upholstery cleaners based in Sale, South Manchester. We specialise in providing complete carpet cleaning accross Cheshire and South Manchester.


Welcome to carpet cleaning customers in Sale, South Manchester

A great carpet cleaning service at an affordable price

When it comes to cleaning your residential or commercial carpets, you can count on 'Advanced Carpet Cleaners' for an efficient, thorough clean at a price that you can afford.

As well as offering the best carpet clean in Sale, we provide a comprehensive range of other services for your home of business, including...

Using only the best carpet cleaning products and equipment, your carpets will be made to feel, look and smell like new again.

Sale Carpet and Upholstory Cleaning

Carpet cleaning service for the Cheshire and South Manchester Area

No matter what time you require our professional services, we'll be there to help!