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  1. Leave your carpet as long as possible until you have it cleaned

  2. Cleaning removes the natural oils, making the carpet soil more quickly

  3. Steam cleaning will saturate my carpets

  4. One method of cleaning carpet is as good as another

  5. Just call the most popular cleaning company

  6. One company can clean as well as another

  7. Just choose the cheapest!

Carpet Cleaning Questions - Upholstery Questions

Leave your carpet as long as possible until you have it cleaned

No!! The more regularly you have the carpet cleaned - the more hygenic your carpet will be and the longer it will last. Soil and dirt are abrasive. This means that with every step you take on soiled carpet, you wear it out at a faster rate than if it were clean. Likewise, most marks and stains are far more effectively removed sooner rather than later. While vacuuming will help, it is not sufficient to remove all soil. Consider the amount of soil that accumulates on hard surfaces in your home; an equivalent amount also lands on your carpet, providing an ideal breeding ground for the growth of bacteria, fungi, insects etc. top

Cleaning removes the natural oils, making the carpet soil more quickly

This is a misinterpretation of the symptoms of poor cleaning. The natural oils found in sheep's wool are all stripped from the fibre before the dying process. In actual fact it can more correctly be said "IMPROPER cleaning damages the fibres and/or leaves residues which attract soil" and "carpet given a mere surface clean will not look clean for long"!! If the carpet cleaning is done well, by a skilled operator with the correct equipment and cleaning products, your textiles will actually stay clean for longer! top

Steam cleaning will saturate my carpets

This will only occur if either the equipment used is not up to the job or else the operator isn't. We sometimes hear reports of carpets taking up to a week to dry; this can only be caused by the use of poorly maintained machines and/or untrained, inexperienced operators. If cleaning is done correctly, your carpet can be dry in as little as three hours - but definitely within the day even in humid or wintry conditions. Our machines are designed to extract every last drop possible from the surface of your carpet. top

One method of cleaning carpet is as good as another

There are two common methods used to clean carpets - dry cleaning and hot water extraction (often called 'steam cleaning'). The method you choose is a personal choice, however in order to understand which is better for you, we can here explain how the two systems work, and the pro's and con's of each method. With both methods pre-vacuuming is done (although this is much more critical for dry cleaning), a heavy duty commercial pile lifting type of vacuum is used, removing far more dry soil than a domestic vacuum can. top

Just call the most popular cleaning company

As an ex-long-time employee of a large popular company, I have an "insiders" perspective. Consider these thoughts:

  1. Larger companies often have a higher staff turnover, meaning less experienced even untrained employees in your home.
  2. Employees of large firms often feel like 'a cog in a gearbox' and may lack the motivation to perform a top job.
  3. These firms may not value each individual client, meaning service backup may not always be forthcoming.
  4. Because of the pressure of a higher work-load, servicemen are far more likely to neglect their equipment (or do a "rush job").

Indeed, it was observation of the above points that motivated me to start my own smaller, more personal company, so I could give a higher class of service. The experience level and attitude or your serviceman is the most important factor. top

One company can clean as well as another

This is like saying that a Lada is equivalent to a Ferrari. Practically every aspect of the cleaning can be different from another firms, and the main way you can tell the difference is by asking questions such as these:

  1. What method of cleaning do you use? (see misconception 4)
  2. What training do you (and/or your staff) have?
  3. Do you guarantee your workmanship? What happens if there is a problem?
  4. Can you give me a close estimate of the price?
  5. What sort of machines do you use? (While you may or may not understand their reply, you will get an idea of how proud they are of it!)
  6. Does your machine heat the water? (hotter water = better results and a quicker dry)

And ask these questions before you arrange the work. top

Just choose the cheapest!

Be wary! The price you see advertised may not be the price you pay. Many have learned to their peril that the low price they saw advertised was not the amount they were charged. Some unethical firms offer a super-cheap price to "hook" you, then once inside your home, make everything but the water an additional cost! Even if you do get a cheap price, the result may be a poor cleaning job. And because the cheapest chemicals are the harshest chemicals, they may get the carpet clean looking, but literally rot out the fibre doing it, resulting not only in rapid re-soiling but also a shorter life span for your valuable textiles. "The bitterness of poor workmanship remains long after the sweetness of a low price"... Think about this - "why is this company cheaper? Are they going to cut corners? Or use nasty chemicals?"